Which gemstones for fertility?

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It’s the first question I get asked when people contact me for a custom piece.

“Which gemstone is best for me?”

Whether you are looking for a piece that will help you with a physical ailment, an emotional and mental issue or if you are going thought something and need help with that, I have the gemstones for you.

A subject close to my heart

One of the most common requests I get is to aid with fertility. This is a subject close to my heart, as I had a lot of issues and heartache to do with my own fertility and the conception of my son. It was a long and, at times, painful journey for me and so when someone contacts me about fertility, I light up because I want to help and I know how hard it can be.

It took over a year for me to fall pregnant with my son and that was after I suffered an ectopic pregnancy which was really hard on my mental and emotional wellbeing. I remember the ultrasound when the physician told me the pregnancy was not in the correct place.  I remember feeling so confused and overwhelmed as they rushed me into surgery to have it removed. Being told that if they couldn’t save my tube. That I would not be able to conceive naturally because I only had one tube to begin with. It all happened so quickly and when I came to after the operation I just felt so empty and hollow. I wanted to cry all the time for months afterwards and I felt too ashamed to talk about it.

I looked to crystals and gemstones to help me find my way again. I wore stones that would calm me and ease my sorrow as well as increase my fertility. I was able to keep my remaining tube and although it took a long time, I am so very grateful that we were eventually able to conceive naturally.


Moonstone is my first recommendation as a gemstone. With its strong connection with the moon cycle, moonstone has strong feminine energy and reminds us to love and be loved. It is the ultimate fertility gemstone and can aid in conception with its calming effect and ability to balance hormones. I use rainbow moonstone and peach moonstone in a lot of my pieces. Here you will find bracelets, earrings and of course 108 bead malas that include moonstone.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is also a stone I recommend. It is the crystal of unconditional love which opens the heart and allows love to enter. It is the stone of compassion and is used to raise feelings of self worth. Something really important when you are going through fertility problems is to have compassion for yourself and activate your heart chakra. Here you will find my pieces that use Rose Quartz.

These crystals would be my first recommendations for gemstones for fertility, however there are other gemstones that can help with fertility problems.

Other Gemstones for fertility

Selenite can be worn to protect pregnancy and motherhood.

Fluorite is used to increase libido and stabilize hormonal changes.

Smokey Quartz can increase fertility and balance sexual energy. It can also help ease depression that may arise as a result of having fertility problems.


Crystals for a healthy pregnancy

I would also wear Rose Quartz once I eventually did fall pregnant, as well as amazonite, to promote a healthy pregnancy.


If you would like a custom piece please contact me here and we can start your journey to finding your unique creation.

If you are experiencing problems with fertility and it is affecting your emotional and mental health, read more here, it might help.

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