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Hello! It’s been a long sleepless morning… I have been thinking – this is the result.


I have never delved into the world of fashion before, Flora and myself are polar opposites in many respects, but, it is a very divisive world. Don’t get me wrong, I was aware of this, but I didn’t realise how I would interact with it and therefore feel about it. I have also changed a remarkable amount in the last few years, living abroad and interacting with open minded, liberal people has broadened my horizons no end, so never though about thes before

Anyway, it started with this, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him etc. I know that categorisation is a mental and physical necessity, and I am not saying I know the answer, but I do know that if anyone feels excluded then we should try and do something about it, especially if that exclusion is constantly thrown in your face. Gender neutrality is a tough load to bear for many people, it makes them feel very uncomfortable, but it is here, it is real and it is an individuals’ choice. To feel threatened by another humans personal choice is a very interesting trait… The offended party really needs to take a deep look at themselves. Why do we feel the need to be offended, there is no point in letting things out of our control bother us.

When we started to think of MalasByFlora as a business I was reticent to add political views as I was worried about losing sales…. F that, this world is too much of a mess to not stand up.

We are constantly lied to, manipulated and taken for fools in the UK and worldwide so I say this –

MalasByFlora stands with LGBTQIA+, Black Lives Matter, Uighur Muslims, Fighting Climate Change, Refugees

How is it that from that list there, there are people that exist who deny, or are against any of these issues….? I like a debate, nothing is set in stone but if we can’t learn to love and care for fellow human beings then what hope is there?

Humans are still here, ravaging this world, because we are adaptable, let’s continue to be adaptable and change. Let’s have some humility, there is nothing wrong with holding up your hands and saying “ok, I effed up, let’s try and fix it.”

Anyway, rant over… 10% of profits from the faceted collection go to the Runnymede Trust, 10% of all bracelets go to Amigos de Santa Cruz, Guatemala. We are always looking for charities to donate to so feel free to post any recommendations.


Have lovely days,





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