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108 Bead Sunstone Mala Necklace – Gemstone Japa Mala


Hand knotted 8mm sunstone mala made with love and good intentions.

– 108 stone bead hand knotted mala necklace.

– hand tied using waxed nylon for maximum durability.

– Complete with a 12mm pyrite guru bead and a hand tied tassel made of cotton.

– 8mm sunstone beads.

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Hand knotted 8mm 108 bead sunstone mala necklace handmade with love and intention.

– 108 stone bead hand knotted sunstone mala necklace.

– Hand tied using waxed nylon for maximum durability.

– Complete with a 12mm pyrite guru bead and a hand tied tassel made of cotton.

– 8mm sunstone mala beads.

Stone properties:

Sunstone is an abundance stone that provides a source of strength and can alleviate fearfulness and stress. It warms the body increasing metabolism, digestion and vitality. Excellent for lifting depression. Root and sacral chakras.

Pyrite is a a unique protector, creating a shield against negativity and bringing confidence and inspiring creativity. Helpful for asthma sufferers as it strengthens the respiratory system. Sacral and solar plexus chakras.

What is a 108 Bead Mala?

A japamala or mala is a string of 108 beads plus a guru bead used as an aid for meditation and prayer. They have been used for thousands of years as a tool for centering one’s attention. The beads are used to count breath or recite mantras in order to stay present in a meditation practise and can be worn as necklaces or can be wrapped around the wrist.

An Age Old Tradition

At MalasByFlora we are dedicated to providing the highest quality gemstone jewellery both for meditation and crystal healing. All our materials are sourced from the finest manufacturers and are handmade and hand-knotted with the utmost care and love. We are also dedicated to sharing this form of meditation practice while honouring the many different cultures it is inspired by.

Honouring Our Teachers

Meditation cannot be traced back to one single religion or culture as it spans many. Flora’s family roots are in Japan and the Shinto Buddhism religion where beads are used for prayer, but this practice can also be found in Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Catholicism. All of our pieces are handmade by us and we are in reverence of the many religions and cultures that meditation beads come from and are happy to be able to share this practice with you.

Want to make a Change?

If you would like to make a change to this mala, or if it gives you the inspiration to create your own, why not contact us to start the process! See the Custom Design page for more information!


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NB. We sometime use stock photos, so although you will receive the same item, the gemstones are natural and genuine so there may be variations in colour.



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